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Published on: December 23, 2012

Matter what the explanation is naive to not warn that the present crisis is not one more, but the clearest sign of the end of an era not the slightest doubt, that the United States are facing a serious crisis, that it will have to face either of the two candidates who are elected in the month of November and consider the situation so as to not aggravate the consequences and affect the American economy more. It is a fact, that the economic recession has come United States and the key to knowing what are the unemployment figures that were announced, although officially they could spend two years so that they recognize him, he warned the Investment Bank Merrill Lynch. The labor report published was the weakest since August 2003, when the economy suffered a loss of 43,000 jobs in the month. The unemployment rate rose from 4.7 in November to the 5.0% in December, its highest level since November 2005. Hours worked also decrease you 0.4% a year to the fourth quarter of 2007, which adds to the low of 0.6% in the third quarter. Continuous decreases in the total number of hours worked always have been associated with a recession, warned Merrill Lynch in its recession report a reality… Cnnexpansion. com in this regard indicates that a analysis warned that it can take between 6 and 18 months declaring a recession.

For consumers, there are few indicators that already is in a recession, the first is whether the economy is or not producing jobs, if you know people who are losing their jobs and cannot find another, is a significant indicator, alerted He added that another indicator is whether prices are not rising quickly and if the Fed rates have to fall.Finally we must see the catalysts. The recessions of 2001, 1990 and 1981 were preceded by mortgage bubbles, inflationary and technological shares. Now the concern is mortgage and recession may be the way in which the economy releases its excesses, said that to stay safe from recession what can be done is improve occupational profile and make sure that the boss knows your value; make sure you work on more high-profile projects and find ways to meet the mortgage if there are fears that work original author and source of the article will be lost or insurance.

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