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Published on: March 18, 2014

Seen the importance that the terminals had acquired since its implantations as local receivers of stolen goods and deliverers of flow of people, and as local currently multi-functional, they appear to the questions: Who uses the terminals obligatorily or optionally? How the terminals are inserted in the daily one of the fortalezense? How and who uses the services found in the terminals? How the terminals are perceived by the population? The research assumed thus, the paper of identification and evaluation of the forms of uses of the seven terminals of integration of $fortaleza and as they are perceived by its users in its daily ones. They are spaces taxes for one, optional ones for others; chaotic for some, economic for others At last, spaces in which are possible to get readings differentiated in different seek areas; in ours in case that, geographic. 3. Why to understand this space ' ' amontoado' ' To understand the daily one in the terminals of bus of $fortaleza if makes for the necessity to understand the relation of the users with these spaces as basic base for elaboration of better public politics with respect to 0 variable of the transport as municipal public service of vital importance the proper one ' ' respirao' ' of the city of $fortaleza-CE. To analyze the way as the users they perceive its stay in the interior of the terminals and To identify to the especificidades and similarities of each terminal, detaching the configuration of the structures and installed service is, in this direction, essential to describe the tipificao of the flows and the profile of that they use the services offered in the spaces of the terminals; beyond verifying the current 0 variable of reverse speed-use of the terminals as spaces ' ' pblicos' ' convivncia e. 4.Conversa of Terminal: ' ' While the collective one expects we debate on the Temtica.' ' The terminals of bus of $fortaleza come if constituting as impositores of ' ' espao' ' ' ' tempo' ' to the great majority of the population, mainly when residence-work is about the passage.


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Published on: March 12, 2014

Then, even though I do not rule out that any of us can touch that way, and having that opportunity, is convenient to know from the beginning that if these willing to immerse you in this world and put you intended to make you your future online and earn money online, know also in advance that you’re going to achieve, but not before passing through a path where you will have to test your work and dedication. Clarified these myths, now the next logical question would be: in that way I can achieve have income online? And the answer is that you can achieve in many ways. And that by referring to this blog you are going to discover them, understand them, and learn to apply them. Things that you’ll need to do the leverage of all of this, is that an online project requires practically no monetary investment, quickly one can undertake a business or project with nothing or a minimum of capital. Logically, does not need to be money, does not mean no need, other things. Some of these are: time go little by little leaving aside that myth that one will get rich overnight overnight, or that in a twinkling eyes we will see the results, because this is not the case. Generate money via the Internet, like any business, requires time. Time that is going to be consumed in things like the planning of our project, the construction, the time that it takes to make a place in the market, etc.

This comprobadisimo with numerous cases, that it is impossible to fail if you have an idea practice, and works it is prolonged, later or sooner you will see results. This happens in any aspect of life, and this case is no exception. Hacete the idea that you’re going to start winning anything, then start to earn a little, and thus grow.

Article Melancholy

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Published on: March 11, 2014

The simple fact of not filling your expectations I get discouraged. And do not think that it is a strange attitude of the perfectionism syndrome. I’m a little tired and exhausted, but I have to continue. It seems, at times, inevitable, not to return to the past. The bad experiences or existential accidents. Before didn’t know more today optimize this situation: feeling friction, doubt, fear, apathy, fatigue, indifference, loving sleepwalking, they fulfill the function (such as antibodies in the disease), allow us to take a new impetus. The darkness allows us to see the light, said normally.

That is: think clearly. That is common sense. That’s find and enjoy the intuition. Thats play. This is joy.

Thats fullness. Okay, I’ll try. I hope for the first time be violent, aggressive, male, impulsive, I arrojare with all my strength to the ground that is to break up all those situations that generated in me anguish, anxiety, melancholy, sadness, helplessness, loneliness, empty for which I start? It doesn’t matter. All will be destroyed. From that moment they will have disappeared as when one crumbling a clod of Earth. Pum! Until never. Let’s go. I’m not even distract in sweep that dust. The wind, sooner or later will make it. Better I rejoice in enjoy and contemplate the most prized sculptures that have taught me most of what so far I’ve learned. Thank you to all you feel immensely happy person. And if this not enough, is that I will forgive if every one in particular I made a lack. Why live without resentment. Incidentally, about the Act of asking for forgiveness, let me explain how I do it: leaving continue fooling myself, overlapping my attitude of mediocrity. I must not fool them and above all, fool me. Clarity and transparency is my obsession. Maybe when you finish reading this article stay with the rare feeling of that It is a little grey, opaque or colored sepia. It may be. I insist that the attitude is everything. So I think that’s good. Let us imagine that it is raining. If it is true, it is gray, melancholy, causes passivity, contemplation, orphan feeling: when the rain is accompanied by lightning. If it is long ago that our eyes change. Us arrullemos. Make us feel melancholy, however, then comes the pleasant surprise, leaves the Sun, Rainbow, Joie de vivre, intensifies the green hope for the bushes. So sometimes our life. I leave giving thanks to those who tried to destroy my life and thank you also to those who helped me to be reborn. You will the following promise: I will be more practical and simpler in my life, in my way of thinking and above all my actions. I will develop and perfeccionare my creative communication: so you can have fun and learn. I no longer write for make me a coffee because it is already morning and have something beautiful to do.

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