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Published on: February 5, 2013

The use of Twitter as a platform for communications has grown exponentially in the last, say, twelve months. For a time this part has been imposed by its own strength the need to employ at the portal of the bird as an instrument to do business online. However, there are very specific difficulties at the time of the decision to incorporate this sales channel. In this series of notes, we intend to conduct a review of the basic patterns most important to learn how to employ this formidable tool in the most effective manner, and thus achieve improvements in our metrics, and our rates of sales, among other things. Creating account participate in Twitter is much more to get an account. But for something begins.

Take your time to do so, and read carefully all the details and clarifications that Twitter provides. First, select the language in which you want to view the page. This does not affect the scope of their tweets, can post in the desired language, however, when it comes to creating online community, if it points out, for example, to the speaker and the Anglo-Saxon market Hispanic market at the same time, we recommend that you use two separate accounts. Later will explain you how you can handle them with without even visiting Twitter. Simply open Twitter and click on the yellow button register now. Meanwhile, you can see a roll with the main tweets, which will permanently fall to measure that people Tweet new things, i.e., all the time. At the top, a black bar with the trending topics, found the terms more twiteados by the community. The registration page is quite simple, however, there are certain aspects that must be considered. In the full name field, is what you want it to appear in your profile. Avoid using fancy names, the name of your company or of your site.


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Published on: January 30, 2013

Already when I began to teach biology in school one of the first topics is the universe and see how treat measures as if it were Madrid to Barcelona. However, it has nothing to do.The length of the universe is not something that we can simply think can give some information that leave us speechless like this. The case is that the nasa SWIFT satellite picked up the remains of rays gamma of a star that exploded 13 billion years ago. You stop to think, and you think, 13,000 million years are many exactly, then imagine the distance that had to be the star that even these remains arrived on April 24 to us. Is the universe so big? The data that we get from the universe are fascinating, a space so large to explore that we will never meet. Our minds are not able to process this, nobody can imagine the universe, it is impossible. News like this can be removed many theories that already have been using since long time.

For example, we could say that you seeing This we are seeing the past and it is not a lie. Moreover, used to study how the universe progresses, thanks to the observation of past events we can know the estimated life of the Sun, because they have already been exploiting stars of their characteristics. However since NASA removed most successful conclusions to the mine, but evil will in particular is that behind this star was a whole Galaxy, another interesting fact to consider. If it is that the universe has no purpose, we can be watching this sort of thing always, one shows more of the fascinating thing is the world out of the wonderful atmosphere that allows life.Do you think that even more fascinating data can be found?

Earn Money Online Answering Surveys Paid

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Published on: January 24, 2013

Your income cannot reach you? Are you looking for have extra income? Begins to make money answering surveys pay! Let me explain that as there are companies that pay from U$ S 5 up to U$ S 75 per survey! Of course, these companies need to know the opinion of consumers to be able to modify products before they put on the market, and the best way to have a product that is sold is just, ask consumers what you are interested in buying. In this way, a new economy emerges: that of the paid surveys. This is a job you can do from your home and does not require much time. th analysis. Unless you want to make lots of money, then Yes, the best thing you can do is be all day answering surveys! Some people earn U$ S 400 per week! And this, in a monthly period is a considerable extra income that can really help you to that you can buy whatever you want! For starters, the first thing that you have to do is find out which are the companies that paid for your opinion. Then you anotas post you in the databases of them and expect to get an e-mail with the survey. While most companies get, most surveys respond! To write down they ask for demographic information that you give to them. This serves them to the companies to determine consumer target you sculpted. Then, companies you are going to send surveys of agreement profile have, for example, is not the same thing if you’re a student, mother, mistress of House, professional, etc. According to the type of product that are for launch to the market they will need the opinion of different types of consumers. So if are interested, I recommend you visit the next link to learn how to get a list of companies that offer paid surveys. This you will help to earn more money online to buy you things that you you want! Not really very difficult to get extra income by filling out surveys so I invite animes you!

Bermejo Torres

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Published on: January 22, 2013

Close your eyes would be able to recite from memory some dialogue from your favorite movie? Probably yes, your favorite movie and many others. they have been written even many books of famous phrases of the cinema and the reason is because they are immortal phrases that endure over time and are remembered beyond the film experience. The dialogues of films are not a trivial subject, an object of decoration within the story, are there for something.There are people who are able to recite from memory the dialogues of his favorite movies, because beyond how well or how badly mounted sure, what matters to us is what happens to the characters and what they say. But who are those responsible for the dialogues of legendary films such as Casablanca? Says of this movie that was recorded without a script, but it is not true, what happens is that it passed through many hands until the final version, even Bogart collaborated on dialogues of Rick. Whatever it is, it is a remarkable film the subtext that have their dialogues, and that is not easy to do. There are many courses that teach you how to write a screenplay, but very few teach you how to properly write a good dialogue.

Theoretical many times in classes on script focused too much on structure and format and set aside something as basic as the dialogues. The dialogues are not an extra in the film, something that gets to fill they give us many clues about the characters. A very common mistake when writing dialogues is the character to explain to the public what happens, to use phrases that character would not use in real life. Learn about this error and many others when it comes to dialogue, in addition to basic features of the dialogue are concepts that can be learned in a course of writer specializing in dialogues. You have to know well a character before you voice. Laura Bermejo Torres is also writer and film journalist. Screenwriting is something that everyone can learn, but there is that get advice and be guided by the best professionals. The author, from personal experience, recommends that novice writers take a course in screenplay specializes in dialogues to know this fundamental part of the script.

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