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Published on: October 17, 2015

One way or another, since our birth we have a coach on our side. Our fathers are the first who have a responsibility to train us and then come, masters and life itself that presents opportunities for learning. But as the coaching affects the profitability of our business? The key factor for any profitable business will be based on the type of coaching you offer your employees or members of your team. It can post in another way, both training you could receive so your team can duplicate his success. Many times we understand that the quality of the product is sufficient to have a profitable business. If this premise is a universal principle, then we would have to question the profitability of many companies that are successful and can not raise the banner to have top quality products.

The profitability of these companies is built in the training offered to their franquiciarios, dealers, employees and all those who in one way or another are related in the sale and distribution process. Direct sales companies, Multilevel which are successful, have clear this Factor of coaching. The growth of these companies do not stop even in times of financial crisis, on the contrary, they grow even more. Its members or owners of independent businesses affiliated with these brands, due to the training and continuing education, know how to handle their business that can grow and prosper in moments in which other businesses lose profitability. These trainings include topics such as: define your Vision. Can you imagine starting a business just to survive economically? I could not do it.

When you define your business, need a coach to the Guide by the most effective strategies to achieve his dream. Follow-up to the Action Plan. The world is full of people with great ideas but we have lack of entrepreneurs. For you to achieve your goals, required to implement the plan of action. Tools of the Coach. People seeking to succeed in your business must have elements that can contribute to their continuous training. These elements are: 1 Books and manuals. They will help you in the implementation of the basic steps and organize your business to develop solidly. 2 Audio. This tool that can be on CD s, MP3, have varied subjects from sales techniques to testimonies of other independent entrepreneurs who have been successful. 3. Virtual site (website or Blog). Today, this support is fundamental. The site is where you can get online information and study them at your convenience if you already have your own business or are considering opt to become an independent entrepreneur, make sure you can count on the backing of a company or group, which has continuous training platform and you can receive coaching appropriate to your circumstance, that will allow you to grow solidly to you to your future partners. Ensure success bearing in mind this element.

New Cultural History

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Published on: March 5, 2015

The call Cultural History is a new line of research that if it differs from dedicated History to study the arts, literature, the philosophy, must be faced as the New Cultural History, that do not discard the cultural expressions of the raised social classrooms, more prioritizes the historical construction from the manifestations of the anonymous masses, by what it is considered popular. The concern in portraying the existing conflicts and stratifications in the social classrooms exists in Nova Histria Cultural (NHC), through a plural history that presents alternative ways for the inquiry of the problem. Burke (1937), when writing on Cultural History affirms that it is difficult to choose the work subject, therefore in determined study on a social group, the NHC works with referring terms to the popular culture represented by the people, then appear questionings on who are really the people? What it is considered popular? Therefore, it is looked to work with the plurality, using itself of concepts as agricultural and urban, masculine and feminine, and so on. To work with the term culture, for Burke, is still a more difficult task of what to define ' ' popular' ' , therefore this term already was used to mention itself to the arts and sciences, later used in the description of popular manifestations, and finally, to assign social practical devices and. In the Anthropology the expressive concept meets tyloriano where culture is ' ' all complex that includes knowledge, belief, art, moral, law, customs and other aptitudes and habits acquired for the man as member of sociedade' '. It is certain that concepts for the term culture are multiple, however one in special assumes an excellent role in historiogrfico becoming: ' ' Believing, as Max Weber, that the man is a moored animal the teias of meanings that he himself weaveeed, assumes the culture as being these teias and its analysis; therefore, not as an experimental science in search of laws, but as a interpretativa science, to the search of the meanings.

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