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Published on: June 2, 2016

Send Valentine’s Day greetings via SMS and prove the love so sent it to your sweetheart or loved ones Valentine’s Day greetings via SMS. Often say 160 character more than just the usual bouquet or the purchased perfume, what actually but not really meets the needs. In a few days, it is already happening again. February 14 is broken – Valentine’s day. Especially on this day – the day of love – couples show how much they like themselves and how important the relationship is one.

Usually give the men their heart ladies a bouquet of roses or fine invite them to dinner. Also the usual classics such as candy, perfume or jewelry being given away often. With security but also each have a love Valentine’s Day message via SMS is pleased, because words are often much more value than a purchased bouquet. If you want to spend any money, you can send free SMS on. You can send free SMS to Valentine’s day without a login. Also the partner in the connection will then receive no annoying SMS advertising on his cell phone, but just this message of love. Who can’t believe his love not in 160 characters can send in a row several free SMS, free of charge. Also, the embassies in other countries are to send. Simply insert the appropriate code. For less creative minds, there is here also SMS sayings for Valentine’s day. Martin Richter

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