Restaurant Furniture

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Published on: November 12, 2015

And not necessarily look for an exclusive furniture – just one subject, appeared to highlight a your apartment. Whether it's rocking chair, wicker cradle in the nursery or a whole set of bedroom furniture. Rattan wonderfully combined with any materials, and furniture out of it looks elegant. Wicker ottomans can be supplemented soft pillows or drapes to give rigor. Try to imagine them in the interior of modern apartment and an expensive restaurant? Agree, the dissonance is not felt. This feature rattan furniture.

By the way, bars, Restaurants in pursuit of exclusivity and originality have long called attention to a simple basket. And it has paid off. Neither the cost nor the design. The eyes involuntarily stop on the intricacies and pretentiousness of the material, which plant is not something that's make out. This new customers, the popularity and originality. And sit on this chair at the bar is nice – he and durable, and at the same time gentle. Rattan as if created for a design element, like bar stools. Add the metal parts, and is not a classic, but the avant-garde.

Such decisions in the design of wicker furniture does not count – varies, the scope of its use: from a simple piece to the villa exhibition samples. Let the furniture traditional wood of good quality and more expensive, but largely Plaited she did not concede, and in some ways even superior. Wicker furniture is an exclusive, because it is done manually. Rattan – natural raw materials is growing fast, so do not harm the environment. Strength and moisture resistance of wicker furniture has long proven fact, to the same and it serves up to 15 years longer than wood. Add to these properties, yet the ease, simplicity in use, to understand the advantage of wicker furniture. By the way, the producers in favor of more attractive to buyers, invented and patented synthetic fibers, similar to rattan as two peas. It should be a cheap wicker furniture and properties from the original is no different. But to deceive you, no one will be – factory cherish every customer. As already mentioned, traditional rattan furniture is produced in Southeast Asia, where tropical forests growing vine (calamus rattan). Starting production in Russia, we have tried to emulate the best in technology and decoration of furniture made of rattan, which is now used in European factories. The future of the furniture factory "Rattan-Prime 'is defined and also the fact that our team is made up of very caring people to his cause. Participate in the creation of beauty and comfort, so to make people happy and to hear the answer to your kind words of gratitude. And it is so important in any business!

Exhibition Sevastopol Furniture Construction

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Published on: October 27, 2015

From 23 to 25 June 2009 in the center of Sevastopol, in the premises of the Business and Cultural Center (pl. rebels, 6) the IV International Specialized Exhibition "Furniture. Construction and Interiors – 2009 'Custom-built furniture. The purpose of the exhibition – the presentation and promotion of brands in the Crimean region, establishment of business relationships, building a dealer network in the Crimea, sale and presentation of products, sharing experiences, advice, market analysis. The exhibition will be attended by companies from different regions of Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Odessa, Nikolaev and others). For three days the exhibition will visit about 4,500 people.

We offer custom-made furniture. Visitors to the exhibition: the people and Sebastopol guests, representatives of Crimean enterprises of various spheres of business (hotels, boarding houses, motels, restaurants), managers, custom-made furniture specialists and managers of construction enterprises and organizations Ukraine, the final consumer goods and services. MAIN SECTIONS: Construction, repair and reconstruction, windows, doors, facades, hydro-, thermal insulation, Plumbing, bathroom furniture, Heat, energy, ventilation, air conditioning, furniture for home and office, doors, walls, stairs, Lighting, lighting design, landscape architecture, paintwork materials, interior (materials, technologies, services), Home Furniture, office, hotels and guest houses, exhibition work schedule – from 10.00 to 18.00. Admission is free. More information on this site Once again aim of the exhibition – the presentation and promotion of brands in the Crimean region, establishing business relationships, building a dealer network in the Crimea, sale and presentation of products, sharing experiences, advice, market analysis.

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