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Published on: May 14, 2016

Opposing all the certifications of the directions, the gotten passionate one affirms that I and you are one only, and is ready to behave as if thus fosse.' ' (FREUD, 1930). Olga abdicated of the majority of the pleasures of the freedom, after all completely was compromised to the communism. The work brought so great satisfaction to it how much a great love flesh time could provide to it. It was dedicated with tenacity and without rest to the fight against the misery. Soon at the beginning of its career in the Party, militant involve-its with an experienced one, Otto Braun. They had become related for some years, however, Olga did not have time for loving relationships, due to amount of hours that dedicated, every day, its tasks as revolutionary.

For FREUD (1930), what we do not want to open hand, for the simple fact to provide pleasure, already does not make more part of I, becomes object. The cause for which Olga fought, was part of its being, as they were one only. This age its blow of life, that became it complete and carried through. So that if it recognizes a external world, beyond these intense internal relations of fullness that the human being finds in something or somebody, it exists a stimulaton given for the frequent ones, varied and inevitable sensations of pain and displeasure, which the beginning of the pleasure commands to suppress and to prevent. (FREUD, 1930). Benario was accused with subversive actions canine tooth, trying these ackward sensations, that could have it done to give up, or, at least, to hesitate in taking its fight ahead. But its determination made with that it persisted in this igualitrio ideal. After to be freed of the arrest, was for the Soviet Union, where it started to work in the Communist International. Luis knew Carlos Gives, Brazilian revolutionary leader of extreme importance, which had to the reach of its Column, known for covering great part of Brazil and other territories in search of better conditions of life for the population.

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