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Published on: August 27, 2015

New trends in manufacturing promotional products currently in Russia, advertising and souvenir products is one of the most important species of the advertising market. And, as a rule, each of the firms provide services to manufacturing of promotional products, specializing in a certain kind of objects. It could be office supplies, clocks, printing products, signs, plaques, souvenirs, etc. In this The customer can deal with a company that manufactures a product or a company acting as an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer. Cooperate directly with the manufacturer to be more appropriate in terms of hedging against all kinds of force majeure and increase performance time in the business world in our time have formed the so-called corporate culture, which is the basis for drawing branding on items of office items and promotional items for distribution to potential clients, business partners, etc.

souvenir promotional products makes sense to divide according to its destination in use and to consider each type separately. So: Promotional and business gifts: Promotional Products of this type is designed primarily to increase the number of sales. Promotional gifts, such as badges, pens, notebooks company logo, in recent years as large number of copies ordered production of transmitters. These gifts quickly diverge at exhibitions, promotions and presentations, in which the company participates. Exclusive Promotional Items: This type of promotional products not intended for wide distribution, it is ordered as a rule not in large quantities and is open to certain employees, business partners, etc. This may be all sorts of figurines, vases, original office supplies, or, for example, the original plate for placement on the desktop or office wall. These gifts are designed to represent a note, the significance and reverence for the man to whom they will be presented. Therefore, manufacture of signs, office supplies and everything else is made from expensive materials, taking into account the quality and prestige and functionality.

It should be noted that the manufacture of tablets bought many companies are not only present but also to design their own office space and building facades. Thus, in order to produce tablets at the first There are always spot appearance of the product, its durability and the possibility of applying various textual and graphical information. An excellent solution that satisfies all the needs of the customer, are the brass plate. These plates look very expensive and prestigious to them is not so easy to damage, which can guarantee a long life. Product and bears the nameplate, tags for companies that specialize in providing services and does not produce any products, an excellent option would be to apply the logo on the ordinary business gifts. For example, we launched in the form of diaries or notebooks will look much more solidly placed with them a metal tag or nameplate in the form of a company logo. Making a production Schild tag does not require costly and will be an interesting way to give the usual gifts of originality and originality, and can also be an additional method of image advertising.

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