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Published on: July 30, 2015

Chapter 1: what is selling? The sale is the exchange of goods or services by monetary units that occurs between the seller and the customer, seeking the satisfaction of customer needs and the achievement of the goals of the seller. Should be noted that this definition, orientation to the customer that every seller must have, i.e., meet your sales goals, on the basis of the investigation, analysis, and satisfying the needs of the client. The commercial must become the benefits of your product or service benefits that meet the needs of the client. The sales argumentation must focus on the needs of the client and not the attributes of the product or service. Chapter 2: Phases of the interview of sales to study techniques of sales will analyze the different phases of the sale. The sale, as all communication process, is divided into several phases.

Each phase of the sale will be considered individually in the following chapters. You are are different phases of sale: the preparation of the visit. The contact with the client. The ascertainment of customer needs. The argumentation. The resolution of objections. The closing of the sale.

The postvisita. Chapter 3: Preparation of the visit the success or failure of an interview of sales depends largely on how it has prepared previously. The good commercial leaves nothing to chance, nor confident in their expertise. It is essential to plan the work, in-depth knowledge of the supply of products or services and analyze current and potential customers. In the preparation of the visit will: analyze the information we have of the client. Set targets for sale. Develop the strategy for action on the sale. Chapter 3: Preparation of the analysis of the first information visit must collect and analyze all the information we can about our interlocutor. The position that occupies in the company. The level of decision that has in the purchase process.

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