Life Legislation

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Published on: November 20, 2013

Start to demand a new change in Legislation of the Life. This, with certainty, would be the first one, but it would have others also FROM TODAY ON IS INTENTIONALLY: – that the parents never more will have that to embed its children; – that he will not have more hunger in the world (nor of foods, nor of affection); – that it is forbidden to the banalizao human being; – that the pleasure and the joy cannot more being originated through pain and humilhao of somebody; – that the human being does not have more headquarters and curiosity regarding catastrophes,> tragedies, blood and tears; – that never if abandons an aged one, a child or a deficient one, for more not bringing profits for the society (and nor under no hypothesis and reason); – that the permission of people without no sensitivity is forbidden, ahead of the impact that one human being cause in another one, to exert professions as: social doctors, priests, psychologists, assistants, professors, lawyers and POLITICIANS; – that he has a specific battlefield where only the great heads of states and murderous they promoted wars and slaughters between they themselves, without wounding plus no innocent; – that no individual or group obtains to violate a nation, a city, a home, a body, a culture; – that it is forbidden to any media to have the power of banalizar pain and the love; – that it ahead does not have more room of pain, humilhao and lie; – that the sexual act is differentiated and distinguished from the collective masturbation; – that duendes, fairies, elfos, salamanders, ondinas and the personages mdiuns ; – that the angels can be seen and be heard by all without age distinction, sex, race or religion and that they become our professors; – that the friendships and the loves start to be, really, perpetual; – that never more it is felt in the distance of that is to less of one meter of us; – that the human being can read and talk in all the dialects (also in its proper one), with real understanding and fluency; – that, from now, pains will have date of validity and its stated periods never will be able to exceed one year. I perceive, then, that this my decree list new is so infinite how much the Universe and you, which would be its claims?

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