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Published on: September 20, 2015

The building did not can not and should not have such a temper. Agree, is not so easy, it turns out, get rid of the building, whose form is depressing, excites, or simply we do not like. So we can proceed only with the thing, simply remove it from the eyes. Scale, durability and stiffness of the building makes it impossible. Therefore, the architects and their projects to avoid confer such a character, and build something, or emotionally neutral or raduyuschee and admiring eyes. In many ways an awkward relationship layout objects and buildings with the surrounding space.

The manufacturer model can put your creation to the environment – adjacent buildings or natural landscape – and perhaps abandon such a decision. In any case, the thing is not to lose its value. If, however, thinks of us to build a building on this model, we already have to reckon with the natural and urban context. External to the the building of the circumstances – whether other buildings, streets and squares, the natural landscape, or weather conditions – will need to be accounted for when designing. Building, for example, should not be above the main urban construction, "looking" facade to the courtyard, with the background of other buildings of its being different. If it is a natural, rather than the urban landscape, then there should be thoughtful architect, in which relations will enter the future building with natural surroundings. Based on the location of the cardinal points in relation to the building, the architect chooses where to place entry and exit of the building, window or porch.

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