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Published on: November 17, 2015

Learning and teaching easy and for everyone! At the latest the good reputation of the educational systems in many parts of Europe, especially in Germany has suffered since PISA: mothers to surf the World Wide Web for the presentations of their children. Students complain about Manager diseases prior to class work. Are significant increases in the divorce rate among parents whose children school problems have 22 million euros are issued per week for tutoring, because education is progress and education should not saved are, it says. ATS has made it to the task, to facilitate learning and teaching in certain areas and developed for all those who are interested, to absorb knowledge material faster and easier and longer to keep Lernkonzepte. We live in an information society. Every second workstation in our Western world is connected to a computer. Math is dealing with the computer but also important! This, use the fastest solution to learn computer writing. A world novelty! Brand new, we have a new learning concept “developed: 1 hour computer writing”.

It is a world novelty! It is the fastest learning concept that there are worldwide to learn computer writing! How to do that??? 4 hours are already sensational! Quite simply: If we us itself does not stand in the way and think: is too much fabric! “, but are open, you can absorb the human brain unlikely much information.” If additional accelerated learning methods are used, the learning is more important! “Years ago, when we computer write in 4 hours” introduced, there were also skeptics. “At the time, many thought, it takes just 30 or 40 hours, because it always so” was taught using drills and monotonous exercises. But then our learning concept convinced more and more. But time passed and we’re now in the 2nd millennium. Our fast paced society demands quick solutions. With our computer writing in 1 hour, we take the account. Target group of this even faster learning system are students and adults who are willing to the one-hour lessons to apply the new online speed training a few days for yourself alone. It needs a little self-discipline.

If you do that, have mastered the keypad in an incredible speed and learn the computer writing, with the world’s fastest learning system! How does it work? The concept is based on Association and visualization techniques with playful repetitions, multi sensory manner. The proof that actually access the fingers without looking at the keyboard to the correct keys follows after an hour! The highlight follows then online: on the PC a free motivating, interactive speed training offering, which is no longer part of the 60 minutes. This can be done immediately or later. With this intelligent system, duration, total number of stop, stop revolutions per minute, and the percentage of words that are correctly typed, are systematically recorded. And the best part: the individual learning progress is recorded in the diary of a result, at any time available, a perfect tool to quickly to achieve the gesteckte yourself a personally desired stop revolutions per minute. Through this mix of teacher education (presence stage) and E-learning, this learning system is an innovative blended learning concept.

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