About The Idea Of Easy Money. The Second Part

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Published on: November 16, 2015

I decided to write again about the scam. At this time about the main points of their calculations in the first place. After a lot of "respectable sites" make you a very interesting proposals, to abandon that very difficult. Here's an example offer a base of companies that pay for participating in surveys of some 10 dollars, but on their promises you the same amount in one day earn. Well then resist, especially if you've recently started using the Internet. But there is many factors that will indicate to you that the site is not honest, and to put it mildly, questionable.

So, finally we list all the things on which you should pay attention. Domain and hosting. I talked with one lohotronschikom here. He offered me join the business "with a guaranteed income from $ 100 a day. " There he is "working" somewhere in the three months, which is why he can not find 30 rubles per month for hosting and especially to 150 rubles per year per domain. Consider themselves – to give hundred rubles a year with a minimum daily wage for about two and a half thousand rubles, not everyone can. It's expensive! Domain age is another important point. If the domain is less than 3 months you'll probably want to wait with participation – in three months will reveal whether the pyramid is unlikely. Site. If a person really makes a lot of money then it is not difficult to pay half the daily wage for a good site, because he claims he received "60 dollars from each registration.


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Published on: November 13, 2015

Reason number 4: Inefficient use of time in most cases the newcomers began tales that the Internet can earning, spending only a 1:00 time in the day. But even in this hour they use for other purposes. They check email, watch your web-mani keeper, chatting on ICQ or on the forum. As a result, no useful action is not satisfied. That is, people just sat around the computer for an hour. But at the same time, he waits and hopes that will soon be making money.

If you can give business on the Internet only 1-2 hours a day – forget about what you can earn in Internet. At the stage of formation and development of the first sources of income you'll spend up to 16 hours a day. For example, I'm working on my web projects as long as necessary to carry out the planned volumes of work. In the temporal terms, it is 5 hours a day. Reason number 5: Laziness Laziness – is another component that does not give a newbie to start earning online. Having read stories about what a business online is easy, beginner and do not think their projects. Newbie thinks that after a few pages on the site and download it for free hosting for a job is terminated. After that the money should pour him a raging torrent. Exactly beginner at this point makes the most foolish of all errors. It simply stops and waits until someone would go to his site until someone buys it a book until someone buys a book from the site on an affiliate link.

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