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Published on: May 27, 2016

Power cable – its structure and scope of use when high power transmission of electricity, for example, from producer to consumer, uses a special type of current-carrying wires. The power cable is often used in kg industry, enterprises, where necessary a lot of electricity, as well as power stations, transformers and the laying of power lines. Nevertheless, the power cable – a term that used primarily to form a particularly powerful agents equipped with special insulation materials made of cotton impregnated with a special insulating composition. This cable is capable of transmitting electric current voltage not exceeding 35 kilowatts. For more energy to electrical transmission using a special type of power cable, which is equipped with a special oil insulation. The most popular use are power cables, capable of transmitting electrical current capacity of up to 10 kilowatts. They are considered most suitable for the isolation, durability, as well as losses in the transmission power over long distances. This cable has three wires, in the that is, more often, aluminum, copper less.

Typically, the cost of copper cable is much higher. The structure of the power cable is rather complicated. First of all, it consists of three main elements: the current-carrying conductor, insulation and outer shell. The fact is that most field lines are laid underground, which means that the demands on his strength rather high. Wires, which are current, covered with paper insulation and a special impregnation.

Then, all of them twisted together, and a similar tail once again covered with a layer of insulating material made of paper and impregnation. On top of this insulation is applied to a special metal shell, often made of lead or aluminum, which is given greater preference for lower weight. The last step in the creation of a power cable – the application of a thick cover of insulating material. Now he is ready for use and installation for any electric network.

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