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Published on: May 7, 2016

When a person leaves her good ideas become bad, thus she allows that those bad ideas exist, is allowed to think that the bad opinions are the truth follows and them, behaving with I release the brakes as if he would be correct, then this is called the badness of the mind. When a person only sees the superficial part of the things and account of the real meaning of the things never occurs, it likes to speak or to listen to habladuras, to see the things closely, as if it was a horse with bandage, has superficial understanding, it does not know when it is the correct moment to advance or to back down, speaks boasting words and it makes things without restriction, all those things are called the madness of the mind. When a person retains the advantages for itself, passing the disadvantages to others; she is industrious at the outset making the things and indolent the fine one, she looks for the comfortable life and she has a chaotic mind, this happy one with the things that it likes but angry with that they displease to him all that is called the confusion of the mind. When a person pretends friendship and affection, praises to another one while beams plans to betray it, speak with irrazonables words and he is cruel in behavior, to that is called the dangerous mind. When a person reverence santa will of God because he is venerable, respects to the superior because this person is virtuous, reverence the words of the saints, is watchman of means and low intentions in a person, to these actions draws attention to him of the mind. When a person improves her inner morality, she fortifies his essence in God, in the Tao within itself, cheers up to cultivate itself according to his lessons, widens desire to do the work of tao, to this is called the cultivation of the mind..

Training In Sales

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Published on: July 30, 2015

Chapter 1: what is selling? The sale is the exchange of goods or services by monetary units that occurs between the seller and the customer, seeking the satisfaction of customer needs and the achievement of the goals of the seller. Should be noted that this definition, orientation to the customer that every seller must have, i.e., meet your sales goals, on the basis of the investigation, analysis, and satisfying the needs of the client. The commercial must become the benefits of your product or service benefits that meet the needs of the client. The sales argumentation must focus on the needs of the client and not the attributes of the product or service. Chapter 2: Phases of the interview of sales to study techniques of sales will analyze the different phases of the sale. The sale, as all communication process, is divided into several phases.

Each phase of the sale will be considered individually in the following chapters. You are are different phases of sale: the preparation of the visit. The contact with the client. The ascertainment of customer needs. The argumentation. The resolution of objections. The closing of the sale.

The postvisita. Chapter 3: Preparation of the visit the success or failure of an interview of sales depends largely on how it has prepared previously. The good commercial leaves nothing to chance, nor confident in their expertise. It is essential to plan the work, in-depth knowledge of the supply of products or services and analyze current and potential customers. In the preparation of the visit will: analyze the information we have of the client. Set targets for sale. Develop the strategy for action on the sale. Chapter 3: Preparation of the analysis of the first information visit must collect and analyze all the information we can about our interlocutor. The position that occupies in the company. The level of decision that has in the purchase process.


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Published on: March 12, 2014

Then, even though I do not rule out that any of us can touch that way, and having that opportunity, is convenient to know from the beginning that if these willing to immerse you in this world and put you intended to make you your future online and earn money online, know also in advance that you’re going to achieve, but not before passing through a path where you will have to test your work and dedication. Clarified these myths, now the next logical question would be: in that way I can achieve have income online? And the answer is that you can achieve in many ways. And that by referring to this blog you are going to discover them, understand them, and learn to apply them. Things that you’ll need to do the leverage of all of this, is that an online project requires practically no monetary investment, quickly one can undertake a business or project with nothing or a minimum of capital. Logically, does not need to be money, does not mean no need, other things. Some of these are: time go little by little leaving aside that myth that one will get rich overnight overnight, or that in a twinkling eyes we will see the results, because this is not the case. Generate money via the Internet, like any business, requires time. Time that is going to be consumed in things like the planning of our project, the construction, the time that it takes to make a place in the market, etc.

This comprobadisimo with numerous cases, that it is impossible to fail if you have an idea practice, and works it is prolonged, later or sooner you will see results. This happens in any aspect of life, and this case is no exception. Hacete the idea that you’re going to start winning anything, then start to earn a little, and thus grow.

Mushtawi Expert

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Published on: October 5, 2013

Sami A. Husain the Mushtawi Expert university Professor in Islamic subjects To remember God is easy thing, but you forget and the life catches to you and you lose many blessings. God is your Creator, thanks to Him lives, is here in this world, but it do not give account to you of all that. The brightness of the earthly world blinds to you and the current takes to you and you forget God. It calls and you, nor case to you.

He wants to you to wake up of this lethargy, but you follow in which you think that it is sweet dream. Dale something of time to God and vulvete to Him. Sight in which it surrounds and I gave to you: SUBHANA ALLAH, praised is God. Everything is to the service yours, the waters that fall of the sky, the plants which they arise from the Earth sine, the rivers to sail and the seas to obtain benefit, the sun that warms up to you, the wind that refresh to you and the shade that covers to you. You think that you have moved away too much? It does not matter returns because Allah hopes to you. Your sins are a pile? It does not concern Allah equal wants to you.

I gave these simple phrases and all sin will dissipate, if God wants. I am going to you to translate this beautiful hadiz and leave in your hands the solution of all problems. Anas Went Malik, that God is pleased with him, said that prophet Muhammad, La Paz and the blessings of God are with him, certain time happened through in front of a tree that took to envelope dry leaves yes. With a twig in the hand, the Prophet struck the branches smoothly and these dropped the dry leaves that took. There the Prophet said: ” you know that ALHMDULILLAH, praised is Allah, SUBHANA ALLAH, glorified is Allah, LAILAHA IL-LA ALLAH, is no God more than God, and ALLAHU AKBAR, God is Great, make fall the sins of the person as it made the twig with the dry leaves of rbol”. I have given you, then, the prescription. you have in your hands the solution of many of his problems. you do not look for then outside you, but in you are simple things that you relax in doing.

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