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Published on: October 5, 2013

Sami A. Husain the Mushtawi Expert university Professor in Islamic subjects To remember God is easy thing, but you forget and the life catches to you and you lose many blessings. God is your Creator, thanks to Him lives, is here in this world, but it do not give account to you of all that. The brightness of the earthly world blinds to you and the current takes to you and you forget God. It calls and you, nor case to you.

He wants to you to wake up of this lethargy, but you follow in which you think that it is sweet dream. Dale something of time to God and vulvete to Him. Sight in which it surrounds and I gave to you: SUBHANA ALLAH, praised is God. Everything is to the service yours, the waters that fall of the sky, the plants which they arise from the Earth sine, the rivers to sail and the seas to obtain benefit, the sun that warms up to you, the wind that refresh to you and the shade that covers to you. You think that you have moved away too much? It does not matter returns because Allah hopes to you. Your sins are a pile? It does not concern Allah equal wants to you.

I gave these simple phrases and all sin will dissipate, if God wants. I am going to you to translate this beautiful hadiz and leave in your hands the solution of all problems. Anas Went Malik, that God is pleased with him, said that prophet Muhammad, La Paz and the blessings of God are with him, certain time happened through in front of a tree that took to envelope dry leaves yes. With a twig in the hand, the Prophet struck the branches smoothly and these dropped the dry leaves that took. There the Prophet said: ” you know that ALHMDULILLAH, praised is Allah, SUBHANA ALLAH, glorified is Allah, LAILAHA IL-LA ALLAH, is no God more than God, and ALLAHU AKBAR, God is Great, make fall the sins of the person as it made the twig with the dry leaves of rbol”. I have given you, then, the prescription. you have in your hands the solution of many of his problems. you do not look for then outside you, but in you are simple things that you relax in doing.

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