Municipal Mayor Coyaima

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Published on: January 30, 2016

The actor was estimated from the tutela, as is directed against a public authority, in this case, the council of the indigenous community of El Tambo, a public body with a special regime, in accordance with Decree 2001 of 1988. 4. The petitioner stated, finally, that the action was directed care for the annulment of the decision to eject and confiscates the property of Ananias NARVAEZ “, that wanted to” establish limitations on the exercise of autonomy which in turn can exert indigenous councils. ” 5.

With the request for informal care is provided copies of minutes of possession of the indigenous council of El Tambo, on twenty (20) February 1993 before the Municipal Mayor Coyaima, Tolima, which include people as part defendants in custody of this organism. Also gave photocopy of a letter dated March 3, 1993, addressed to the Executive Committee of the CRIT – Tolima Regional Indigenous Council – by orities, which explains his situation expelled from the community, denounced the pressures and threats against many of its members by the then Governor to vote yes expulsion, and says that his removal was unjust and illegal, not shared but accepted it, provided when justice is done and paid that amount of money for the improvements made to land the same indigenous council had assigned to work with his family, who believed amounted to the sum of three million five hundred thousand pesos. 6.

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