Western Electric Company

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Published on: October 23, 2015

The culture states the identity of the organization. It is constructed throughout the time and starts to impregnate all the practical ones, constituting a complex of mental representations and a coherent system of meanings that join all the members around the same objectives and in the same ways to act. It serves of link between the gift and the past and contributes for the permanence and the cohesion of the organization. 2.3Experincia of Howthorne the experience of Hawthorne was carried through in 1927, for the National Advice of Research of the United States (National Research Council), in a plant of the Western Eletric Company, situated in Chicago, in the quarter of Hawthorne and its purpose it was to determine the relation enters the intensity of the illumination and the efficiency of the laborers measured through the production. experience was co-ordinated by Elton Mayo, and extended the fatigue, accidents in the work, rotation to it of the staff (to turnover) and to the effect of the work conditions on the productivity of the staff. 2.3.1Objetivo the direction of the plant of Western Electric, situated in the Hawthorne quarter of the city of Cicero, County of Cook, state of Illinois, contracted a team of Harvard (Elton Mayo – doctor specialized in psicopatologia and Fritz Roethlisberger) to lead experiments relating productivity and physical conditions of work.

In this plant it had a great department where young they mounted telephone relays. The thesis was that increasing the luminosity, the productivity also would increase. The Western Eletric manufactures telephonic equipment and components. At the time, it valued well-being of the laborers, keeping satisfactory wages and good conditions of work. The company was not interested in increasing the production, but in knowing its employees better. To analyze the effect of the illumination on the income of laborers, had been chosen two groups that made work the same and in identical conditions: a group of comment worked on intensity of changeable light, while the group of control had constant intensity.

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