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Published on: November 9, 2012

Which allows us to think that even though the force exists if it does not own internal movements in her who they transform into energy, is impossible to determine it like Metaphysical mathematically. to seem the friction of the Earth bodies one takes place per sequences of magnetic movements which are attracted by the gravity of the universe and not by the Earth gravity. Then the gravity is not in the Earth is in the universe, which occurs is that some planets receive but force on the part of the universe and others receive except this depends on the distances of the universe to their center of burst, since the universe continues exploding and generating new matter continuously. From its center of burst, we therefore moved away continuously of the primitive center, this does not imply that when moving away us of the center or the primitive origin we are near an accident, in fact always been we have exposed. What conserves the stability of our galaxy is the fact that the force of the origin attracts to us and the force of the aim attracts to us because the aim of the universe is drained. These two forces annul the powerful force and allows to the balance by part and part. We always thought that the bodies move in space, the space also moves in the bodies. The universe in drained and it drained in the universe, because the time is one of the emptinesses of this dimension. In other universes the time does not exist, the time is an absolutely null force there. 11 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo" to Aristarch de Samos we must to the work of the dimensions and distances of the moon and of the sun to the Earth, it determines with exactitude the relative magnitudes of the sun and the moon enough, but the interesting ones are the works in which it lets understand that all the movements of the celestial sphere are so comprehensible if one admits that the sun is in center of a planetary system and that the planets turn around to his.

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