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Published on: November 10, 2012

He wrote: ' ' Culture and Opulence of Brazil for its Drogas and Minas' '. Notadamente it speaks very on the economy in the start of the Sc. XVIII, of the mines, the tobacco, the alcohol, the sugar, etc. Also he speaks on the high cost of living in virtue of the discoveries of the other. It is an description-informative literature. 2.Nuno Marques Pear tree (Bahia 1652-Lisbon 1728) Was the first one to try to create a Brazilian romance, however its workmanship is still an informative work. It wrote: Narrative compendium of the Pilgrim of America. In this book it weaves a commentary on a pilgrim in its andanas for the captainships.

It is a moralista, full workmanship of sermes. 3.' ' Dialogue of the Largenesses of the Brasil' ' (1618) Work whose author still is unknown. It is a set of six dialogues in which, the author, Brandnio, a great expert reveals of Brazil, also defending it. The workmanship is attributed the Ambrsio Fernandes Brando, Portuguese, gentleman of device. The dialogue already shows to a proper style and sufficient fluente. 4.Pe.Al exandre Gusmo – School of Belm, Adventures of Digenes: 5.Pe.Ba rtolomeu Loureno de Gusmo (Inventor of the Aerostat) – Sermes, Some ways to deplete without people the vessels that make water. 6.Matias Aires- Reflections on the vanity of the men. 7.10.POESIA BAROQUE – POETS AND WORKMANSHIPS: We notice Baroque characteristics in the poetry of Blessed Teixeira, that follows the camoniana line.

He arrives to copy entire verses of Cames. We only know of the publication of Prosopopia, however some workmanships have been attributed to it. Beyond Blessed Teixeira, other poets had imitated Cames and other poets of the Europe, but already he had the predominance of the nativista feeling of the Brazilian people. They had used to advantage the values of the land: the landscape, the people, the region.

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