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Published on: October 21, 2012

One of the first questions that I do to them, is if they come or they bring to them to the consultation. They answer if me second, the high-priority objective of that first encounter, will be to obtain that at the end of the interview, they want to return by themselves to the next one. Why is this thus?Because without the patient, his commitment, I am not going to be able to help him. In any other medical specialty; the patient asks for a treatment, the doctor administers it, this payment and she already is. Then, in my specialty, besides all that, the patient must help to me to cure to him. He must be able to work with me in his own treatment. To obtain that, to believe to me, are not far from easy and nevertheless, he is crucial for the success of the treatment.

I consider fundamental, essential, fundamental, basic, essential, nuclear, necessary, central, indispensable and I do not know whichever adjectives to obtain more than the patient deludes itself with his own treatment, to allow themselves and to allow me, to work together in his treatment. Others of the things that I say to them and that usually it surprises to them, are that they must get to be able, to remove the 200 percent to me from my capacity to help them. It is necessary to obtain that they are in continuous therapy, rather than they come to therapy " solo" the agreed days. I explain myself: one is not " to live for analizarse" (as it happens in the films of Woody Allen, where patients are " becas" for the therapist), but of " to analyze itself for vivir". For that reason, always I insist, in which the therapy must be centered in the action (the life is drama), because but, the danger is run to turn the therapy into a more or less interesting activity, but that is still great " straw mental".

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