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Published on: November 13, 2014

A defined good city will cause that a personage feels like part of history. – It knows your neighbors. The relations with the other personages, players or nonplayers, are important, and will be necessary to have a series of previous ideas about how we want that these relations are developed. One of the characteristics appellants in the aloof and mysterious elfos is its tendency to be. This is well, but to abuse it will exhaust the personage quickly, reason why it uses east characteristic carefully.

– Exclusive feature. An aspect to that usually we resort, and in elque all we have fallen in a while or in another one it is to want to make it too exclusive, to make it with his magical objects and arms and equipment unique. It is good that ours personage is unique, but it is necessary to have well-taken care of at the time of designing it, since we run the risk of classifying to the personage. A unique spell can bore to us in the long run we often repeated if it. Perhaps we have a so strange unique ability that we did not prune to never use it in the game. As a conclusion it would mean last things.

Srvete of the archetypes at the time of outlining your personage elfo, jointly working with the other players and the Dungeon Masters at the time of framing it in the campaign. It uses the planning and the improvisation to equal parts when playing with your personage elfo. You do not leave archetypes them and the topics play in your con, who your personage is elfo does not have to condition your way to play. You play and divirtete. Most important he is to know clearly that to play with elfo it is a mental state original Author and source of the article

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