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Published on: February 23, 2015

That’s almost always the problem. We use sometimes vulgar or offensive words injuring the delicacy and the susceptibility of the other person. A simple disagreement can seem to the ear of the other a frontal attack. A recommendation becomes an order and it is impossible to achieve the purpose of the dialogue which is to reach agreement. A spoon of honey catches more flies than vinegar tank.

Expressions passed tone do harm, and prevent that they are accepted the ideas that we want to express. Many times we end up wanting to impose our ideas and the other defending our expressions. Two are required for a discussion, to finish it just enough to want one we must take care that our discussions do not become in discussions, and at the same time be aware of the way as we are doing, to change or completely stop our conversation. A reporter interviewed on their golden wedding anniversary to a couple who never saw them discuss. What is the secret that you have by which never is seen them discuss? The old man replied: when we got married we my father gave me wise advice: son provided that you have a problem with your wife before discussing with her salt and walk until you pass your anger, and you can listen to it.

The journalist told him: think that result has given of course that yes but there is much that I have walked replied the old man. Exit and walk allows reassure us, heal our wounds, remove us tensions and thus to try to communicate again without discussion. It is not flee or refuse to speak, this can become a cold war that ends up doing harm as the discussion. It give a break, take a moment to reflect and to achieve that it tempers then back to talk and solve problems in the most affectionate form.

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