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Published on: October 19, 2015

So, you should be suspicious if it compares online quotes and in a similar situation is an offer for a beautiful apartment, which is being offered for a ridiculously low price. Perhaps it is indeed “too good to be true”. And this is certainly a good first step, not to get into the trap of rental scammers. Many portals on the Internet, there is the opportunity to submit reviews to the apartments. A good method and the second step is here to take your time and study the reviews, to assure the credibility of the lessor with respect to the described apartment. But even here caution is necessary and you should rely not blue-eyed solely on the reviews.

Also here is not a reliable rating system? Therefore, an important indication of the trustworthiness of a landlord on the date of registration of the lessor is to pay attention. A landlord for several years in the portal is represented, that is in itself a sure guarantee that it is not a scam. Otherwise, its display would be deleted already. As a third step, you can beat the scammers to own weapons. With the image search function in the Google search engine, you can see where these images under similar or identical keywords are still used.

There are among others the original image source and can confirm whether the offered object under the same conditions and prices is offered, or is there any striking differences. In the latter case, you should be very careful with a booking. Fourth step would be to contact by phone, because email, you would have enough time to think about the answers to critical questions. On the phone but breaks some scammers. For example, one could ask in an apartment by the sea how called the nearest beach, where you can rent a Sun umbrella. This gets an idea man at the same time, how well the landlord on-site knows. A trusted landlord was asked this already thousand times. The landlord in the stalled or brooding, comes you should be careful. Also you should make sure that you can afford the down payment by bank transfer and not with hard track financial providers such as Western Union, money transfer, etc. But also a transfer to a non-EU account, when you rent a cottage country in the EU, is not common practice. As the fifth step we suggest to ask that the House really exists, to clear the concerns out of the way the landlord directly to a proof. Here, for example a copy of current statement, proof of owner or similar will help. Every honest landlord has full understanding of this concern and will do its utmost to make concerns out of the way. But fortunately honest landlords are the majority on the market of the apartments and you should certainly not all shear over a ridge. Even if our recommendations for rental apartments on these five steps to make sure no one hundred percent security – because it will always be “black sheep” is the risk of “nightmare holiday” significantly reduced and made more difficult the implementation of fraudulent intentions. Barbara Mayer

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