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Published on: January 1, 2013

And that way you’ll get professional prestige within a radius of influence that neither you imagine. Sell your image on the Internet is much easier to sell your products and services. And that is so true, I’m going to reveal a secret of virtual business, if you decide to upload to the network your business have to vasar on your person, or you have to sell your prestige before your business. 3 Reason for presence: after the fall of the point com, where much became bad, small and medium-sized enterprises and also entrepreneurs, decided to have a presence on the Internet. You have presence in Internet, is basically to announce to the world that I exist but do not offer them anything commercially. In this way the Web becomes an unproductive expense. If this is your only reason to raise your business to the net, I think that the rest of the articles that you can read makes little sense for you. You can not waste a powerful sales channel to tell the world that you existis without offering them anything of what you produce.

It is a useless loss of time and money. Therefore I suggest that you consider the other two reasons, since both go hand in hand and that one is a product of the other. a>. Develop a Web project to have presence in Internet, it is an investment meaningless. It develops a Web project to enhance your prestige and to bulk your income, do not do it for another reason. If you want to deepen your knowledge on how to start a profitable online business, I invite you to subscribe to my mini course, which this week is still free, how to start an Online business, with results in only five lessons, you can subscribe at the following link: Daniel Brugiafredo is Professor of science accounting, although he has devoted much of his career at the State Bank of Argentina. Since 2003, begins to develop your business Internet entrepreneur and has advised to not a few entrepreneurs, business and Internet marketing strategies, moving his own experience in business on line and the knowledge acquired to new entrepreneurs who start their business adventures in the network. Handles multiple own websites: and from which gives service to entrepreneurs and professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America. Original author and source of the article.

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