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Published on: June 8, 2014

The design is the more poetic side of an object, is what elevates it to another dimension equating on many occasions not only beauty but thought. There are design when there is reasoning. Everything in its forms is thoroughly thought to accomplish something with an exquisite sense and an irrational beauty. Design, although it seems not, welcome every day to people with a minimum of sensitivity, but if this is so why it is so difficult to find? Why is it so difficult to stumble with original gifts for women who demonstrate good taste, design and originality at the same time? Or, why everyone is dressed in the uniforms of inditex? is it that no one cares because you feel different? is an attempt to search for the different design? Probably yes. Surely the design is closely linked with the technique of the rethink. Give all necessary returns an object until you find many hidden meanings. Art and design is all a one that makes us nicer every day looking for pleasure the mere fact of contemplating things. I hope you like this article and your opinions and comments. Original author and source of the article

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