Understanding Colors

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Published on: February 1, 2016

It symbolizes neutrality, indecision and lack of energy. Many times also expresses sadness, doubt and melancholy. The gray is a fusion of joys and sorrows, good and evil. It seems cold metal, but also a sense of brilliance, elegance and luxury. Simply must be careful in using it and know how. The yellow mixed with black: Mixed with black-green hue is a pleasant little that suggests animosity, deceit, crime, brutality, jealousy and lust. Mixed with white can be expressed cowardice, weakness or fear, and wealth, when you have a slight tendency green.

Red Abuse: How is the color that requires greater attention and more outgoing, will have to control its spread and intensity by excitation power in large areas quickly tired. White is mixed with frivolity, in its mixture with black stimulates the imagination and suggests pain, domination and tyranny. Or mixing with excess Orange: Used in small areas or accent color is a very useful, but large areas are too bold and impulsive can create an impression that can be aggressive. Mixed with black suggests deception, conspiracy and intolerance, and when it is very dark, oppressive. Blue mixed with black: despair, fanaticism and intolerance. Violeta mixed with black: black is mixed with disloyalty, despair and misery.

– How often considered that would require a change in the colors of the home? In the beginning when our instinct prompted, either because the body requires a specific color or saturation and fatigue of view. Often we are asked the same body color that a couple needed to cover gaps in a powerhouse. Many times we reject a surfeit color, eye strain, in short, a saturation experienced by being constantly under the influence. If we consider that we are not stable mentally, emotionally and physically, we are seasonal, some sad, others happy, in other end of the day costs us or we eat the world for vitality, euphoria. If we consider that painting requires money and effort that everyone can do what he can. We can use color therapy in the home as another complement the harmony of our life and use the color changes as timely therapy on clothing, food and lights. Are some Tips for the distribution of colors has a base, in addition to therapeutic, too decorative? First advise walking to see samples of pure color: the positions of fruits and vegetables. The flower gardens. Painting a sketch, drawing or picture cards representing the different rooms of the house, where score, knowing the effects of color, who needs or desired effect. Grant Heller Pioneer understood the implications. Attach color samples. Mix, compare and make trial mixes with the room that will decorate. Maintain consistency among all the colors of your home to give the illusion of continuity. For that open the doors and see where in the next room is hard to see. Choose colors that merged into each room. The recommended maximum is two and four color patterns central. Decide where in the quarter is going to use every color. The general rule of decoration sets using three different values: light, medium and dark. It is preferable that the soils are somewhat darker than the walls, to give the impression of "floating." The curtains, blinds, etc., and large pieces of furniture, usually painted with average values for unification-colored walls and floors. Typically, the darker colors are used as color notes scattered throughout the room. When in doubt, better than dark colors. There are many issues in the ink, but I think with these data and can do things.

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