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Published on: October 14, 2015

Let us return to the size bath If you want a small room, you do not live at his dacha in winter and warm up, wash and rinse in the steam room, then you are quite suitable frame 3×5 or 3×4. The floors in the pair will be heavy, that is – with slits. Typically, in this case, under the floor is sloping concrete screed, which you can lay galvanized sheet. Water from beneath the floor through the sewers drains dug in nearby pit or septic tank. In the rest room floors are of course well-insulated. So when you ask the customer: do you bathe and wash going in the same room? – Not to separate – and how you will divide the three-meter?, Here after it appears that three meters for the three little rooms, you need a minimum of 4×4 frame, but the rest room, at this size, a narrow, elongated and only 8kV. meters.

Given all this, the customers, in most cases, put the 4×5 frame – and the room is quite large, and steam room with washing can be divided. Now on the floors floors insulated around the log cabin – this is especially good for winter baths. If you provide the installation of water supply system and water heater, the washer installed a shower, toilet, sink and washing machine. For example, I put it in the washing tiles, punched the drain trap, and the walls are sheathed with plastic panels. Floors in such washing can be done with electric podogrevom.Chasto The question is how can we insulate the steam room floor? – In the same humidity. Question – and from there it take? – In doubles, as soon cease to give away pairs, humidity decreases very rapidly – the laundry to dry on the shelves can be. comfortably more comfortable bath is obtained when the amount of log 6×4.

Those who bought bath 6×4, often chooses a bath with a veranda. Very often you hear: 6×4 frame, and veranda 2 meters. You begin to ask: what are you going to do on porch? – Tea. So, if you want to put a table on the veranda and around the shop, then 2 meters do not succeed, the veranda to do width of 2,5 meters. To build or not build a loft If you are planning construction attic floor, the stairs to the second floor would be good to start up from the veranda. So you divide the first and second floor of heat. Recently, some customers who want to bath with a loft, manages to convince not to do this. If the site is empty, sauna need a small, but the house even when it built – vobschem nowhere to sleep. We propose to consider the "Finnish" option – it is this: the ceiling in a bath filed "for the rafters, over a pair of washer is a normal horizontal ceiling, which puts the insulation and the top batten, is a large bed, as though loft, which you can climb a ladder to addl. If you do not want to see podstropilnye overhead beams, the rafters can rely on the log walls, and ceilings are made only on the pair with the washing for the ceiling. Bath in a bowl or cylindering Saunas are larger, usually more premises. Such baths often chopped "into the bowl, once all the partitions that have chopped gables, log porch and a much greater cost. Projects such baths can be found at "Wooden houses Denisov."

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