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Published on: April 25, 2014

All this is to indicate that we have been bred and trained in a culture highly focused on the model of the chain of value of the product and why it costs us so much work implement the value chain of the client-oriented strategies. Making an analogy, it is as if life I have been educated and trained to be counter and from one moment to another tell me that I must now work as director of marketing, when I have no bases or know how this work, immunity from being shy algi and oriented to the study and concentration and not to the rough-and-tumble of dealing with suppliers, events, models, etc. I.e. I have no DNA for a change so sudden, when I have been educated and trained in another way. That’s what happens with organizations throughout his life have been centered in the product with a culture highly self-centered (inner vision, when a high Executive leaves his high office to visit a client and understand in detail how you feel taken care of by the company?). To understand this complex topic a little, let’s develop two deliveries in which will explain the main features that present the companies product-centric and customer-focused companies. To do this will use conceptual maps like which is appended below (use scrollbars to move around in the mapra.) Also, make use of symbols (+) to expand each of the concepts): these are some of the characteristic traits of Centradas in product companies and this is how they act the majority of our organizations. Why costs us much work really applying a concept of CRM in all that this implies. In a next installment we will present the caracteristcas of a customer-centric organization and discuss presented gaps. For now I invite you to analyze that product so focused is your organization and who found other features in the companies of this type.

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