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Published on: February 5, 2013

The use of Twitter as a platform for communications has grown exponentially in the last, say, twelve months. For a time this part has been imposed by its own strength the need to employ at the portal of the bird as an instrument to do business online. However, there are very specific difficulties at the time of the decision to incorporate this sales channel. In this series of notes, we intend to conduct a review of the basic patterns most important to learn how to employ this formidable tool in the most effective manner, and thus achieve improvements in our metrics, and our rates of sales, among other things. Creating account participate in Twitter is much more to get an account. But for something begins.

Take your time to do so, and read carefully all the details and clarifications that Twitter provides. First, select the language in which you want to view the page. This does not affect the scope of their tweets, can post in the desired language, however, when it comes to creating online community, if it points out, for example, to the speaker and the Anglo-Saxon market Hispanic market at the same time, we recommend that you use two separate accounts. Later will explain you how you can handle them with without even visiting Twitter. Simply open Twitter and click on the yellow button register now. Meanwhile, you can see a roll with the main tweets, which will permanently fall to measure that people Tweet new things, i.e., all the time. At the top, a black bar with the trending topics, found the terms more twiteados by the community. The registration page is quite simple, however, there are certain aspects that must be considered. In the full name field, is what you want it to appear in your profile. Avoid using fancy names, the name of your company or of your site.

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