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Published on: August 31, 2015

In the process, sales of "Altair" is held constant maintenance, as well as search for new customers. Prior to implementing crm system, employees of the department to collect information on customers and kept it in the files Microsoft Office Excel. As increasing customer base, took merge the information stored in a common, structured database. Chief Financial Officer to seek a program that would allow to customer base celebrate the sale, working with accounts receivable, to put plans to work with clients. The search was found by program Quick Sales Free. In addition to the desired features of the program also allowed to generate reports on sales cut on to customers, according to company managers, and many other useful parameters. The company started using the Quick Sales Free.

A month later, the leadership, realizing that this solution is suitable for the company, decided to buy a network version of the system. Due to the fact that the crm system Quick Sales is very easy to use and requires no special expertise, Adaptation staff was fast and without problems. All managers are now working in the Quick Sales 2. With the implementation of crm Quick Sales 2 the company decided the main task – to combine data on clients in a single database. Now, sales manager can always see the course of affairs with clients without the need for managers to conduct a comparative analysis sales to customers and to each of the managers. With the ability to receive reports on the work of managers in the company simplified the process of payroll employees. In the future, management considers transition to a system crm Sales Expert 2, which would allow full customization of the interface according to the needs of the company. Guidance appreciated the professionalism of employees' Burof "to track and the introduction of Quick Sales in the company of two "Altair". Background on the company "Altair": The company "Altair" specializes in the supply of large agricultural tires and truck tires TAISHAN LONGMARCH. Background Company "Burof": The company "Burof" is an official partner, the Russian developer of business systems, companies Expert Systems. Expert Systems

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