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Published on: December 10, 2012

More than 400 detained so far, most 400 people have been arrested in the capital and have been no charges against 69, according to recent data provided by Scotland Yard. The magnitude of these disturbances has forced the j of the Executive to advance the return from vacation in Tuscany, where he was with his family since late July. Cameron arrived at dawn at number 10 Downing Street, his Office and official residence, and has met on Tuesday with the Minister of Interior, Theresa May, and the Commissioner of Scotland Yard, Tim Godwin, before chairing the Cobra Committee, according to an official source. The tory leader had been criticized for following vacation while the British capital took three days of riots, which have burned buildings, vehicles and shops in neighborhoods of the North, East and South London and there have been countless looting. Police deployed last dawn other 1,700 agents in London, where there already are more than 6,000 ctive trying to tackle violence. Another day of violence according to the BBC, three people were arrested in this Tuesday on suspicion of attempted murder in an incident in which an agent was wounded in the neighbourhood of Brent when trying to arrest the alleged looters. Metro stations, which had been closed by the riots, have resumed their services while the police keeps a cord at an entrance to Ealing Broadway.

In Birmingham, a hundred people were arrested after a youth groups razed the shopping area, smashed shop Windows and razed shops, according to the public broadcaster. In that city, the police confirmed that the Vandals set fire to a police station, while in Manchester have been reported damage to vehicles and in Liverpool about 200 youths disguised with balaclavas or hoods provoked altercations. Bristol, in the South of the country, also suffered outbreaks of violence involving about 150 people. Source of the news: David Cameron: “We will do everything necessary to restore order in our streets”

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