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Published on: January 30, 2013

Already when I began to teach biology in school one of the first topics is the universe and see how treat measures as if it were Madrid to Barcelona. However, it has nothing to do.The length of the universe is not something that we can simply think can give some information that leave us speechless like this. The case is that the nasa SWIFT satellite picked up the remains of rays gamma of a star that exploded 13 billion years ago. You stop to think, and you think, 13,000 million years are many exactly, then imagine the distance that had to be the star that even these remains arrived on April 24 to us. Is the universe so big? The data that we get from the universe are fascinating, a space so large to explore that we will never meet. Our minds are not able to process this, nobody can imagine the universe, it is impossible. News like this can be removed many theories that already have been using since long time.

For example, we could say that you seeing This we are seeing the past and it is not a lie. Moreover, used to study how the universe progresses, thanks to the observation of past events we can know the estimated life of the Sun, because they have already been exploiting stars of their characteristics. However since NASA removed most successful conclusions to the mine, but evil will in particular is that behind this star was a whole Galaxy, another interesting fact to consider. If it is that the universe has no purpose, we can be watching this sort of thing always, one shows more of the fascinating thing is the world out of the wonderful atmosphere that allows life.Do you think that even more fascinating data can be found?

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