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Published on: December 10, 2013

Was one day in a cafe with my friends, enjoying their company, talking of our high school reunion, and that told me a friend who renounced a Mexican company dedicated to the trade of commercial chains more large in Mexico, so I talk about this company and its Steering Group, gave us the idea of an organization that used to manage in times of the 80? sso much that the company has all elements of that era from its infrastructure, property and personnel and their decision-making. For this waiver by which his boss shouted him everyday, as well as the gossip and the gossip were comment on every day from senior management to employees (vices), as well as a without number of reasons why he resigned. Derived to this conversation, grounds me in talk about the companies and which is the perfect recipe for a successful company? I don’t want to ignore that my roommate entered a company very different from this one, good for making more accurate new company which is working currently is one of the Slim, and the difference between this company to the above are years of change. I will not talk about point of view in my opinion that company is better or that another is worse, for that I am in tell them my questions that I worded that sees an employer of its companies and executives are in them? If an entrepreneur when you start or has a number of branches still has that vision of who runs them and whither? And which is my topic that I want to talk about.

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