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Published on: January 16, 2014

It has twenty years, Royce Gracie shocked the world overwheling champion forts, weighed and turned in aggressive of fight and consecrated techniques world-wide, everything this only on the basis of the tradition of its family and a Kimono. In the end of the events that participated, magrinho Brazilian won and in such a way it adversary leaves how much it the confrontation without no scratch, total clean, the interesting one is that the looser and the public did not understand what he had happened, remained only one feeling to them of frustration. The Jiu Brazilian Jitsu (JJB) also demonstrated with other Brazilian exponents that to be a Gracie were not the indispensable predicate for the success in the events of Valley-Everything, but yes that at that time the JJB was a martial art very adapted well to neutralize with easiness, the diverse types of aggression in a radical scene of fight. The Valley-Everything radical evolved and if it became in popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a before clandestine combat with few rules (was not allowed to perforate eyes, to pull weaveeed and to bite, but until attacking virilha spine was allowed) changedded into a sport with diverse requirements, professionalizing the activity that media according to specialized, is the esportivo event that more grows in the world. The proper national media that much relutava in divulging the event, surrendered it the sport duly warned to be stops backwards, therefore the world all already has much time appreciated the MMA, while in Brazil very little he was divulged the respect. Except in the way them martial arts, the Brazilians in general did not make the lesser idea of that its countrymen are dolos international in this sport, whom they usufruct of the world-wide admiration, also of princes of the Middle East, that is, had become true heroes, legends, common wealths, while in its native country they did not pass of anonymous.

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