History Of Banks

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Published on: January 18, 2014

The world has experienced a constant process of development in which there have been various figures and organizations that have given place to the expansion of different fields of action, thereby enabling push in a best way certain activities of great importance within any society meaning the presence of better conditions in certain fields of action; as occurred with the appearance of the banks, which gave place to new interventions in the world by means of money and varied manifestation of figures and financial terms of the field, which no doubt accounted for a great contribution for people and societies through its activities. To better understand the intervention of banks in society, it is appropriate, in addition to instructive to learn a little of the story that accompanied the emergence of this kind of entities and the conditions have accompanied the history of banks. Before addressing the issue of Fund, it is convenient to say that in one way or another have always existed banks in the conformations of social groups, taking in Note that people always have had to resort to different means of financing ideas and projects, which perhaps did not meet the conditions of organization of a Bank, but in the background performing the same function, as they searched for the same purposes. Entering already the theme of the story of the banks, it can be said that these were mainly born with the idea of meeting different needs such as simple operations of Exchange and credit, but to personal levels of not very large amounts, however the needs of investment and spending were increasing, which gave place to the emergence of new services and features more spacious and more intervention by people who they offered such services, also increasingly more people requesting such services, which resulted in a larger organization, from simple lenders to organizations more complex. With the constant evolution and greater administrative organization began to weave that would be banks, thus to the 4th century BC in Greece appear public banks, which apart from its activity of credit and change, were responsible for the collection of taxes and minted coin; in Rome, both at the private level banks are generated as public, where the figure of the mutual credit; had great presence later in the time of Justinian, is ruled by different provisions, giving rise to annual interest rates. After this came a season of stagnation in the history of the banks, up to the course of the 12th to 14th, where bankers in Italy developed significantly change operations, with what is said that banks were born as understood today, since they handled not only coins, but bills of Exchange and provisions of national and foreign money. The highest point of the Italian intervention in the history of banks occurs when bankers and traders moved to Switzerland, point from which spread to a large number of places in Europe, which participated in the financing of businesses and applied personal loans you interest and up to the public authorities. From this point the banking activity and the history of banks achieving a big boost, managing the installation of complete systems that reached international levels as a result. Original author and source of the article

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