The Western Church

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Published on: October 22, 2015

According to Catholic understanding, the marriage is one of the seven sacraments. In other words: refers to as a special character not only on the beyond reality of God, but in it the reality of God is here on Earth expressed. Specifically the love of God to the people or the relationship of Christ to the Church is reflected in the love of the conjugal partnership. Because the Covenant of God with the people is irrevocable, even the marriage is considered to be indissoluble. But what has joined God, that man should not separate”it is said in the Gospels. This indissolubility of marriage is today legally regulated in paragraphs (canons) of the Catholic code of Canon law (in the 1983 Codex iuris canonici). You must not even be theologian to understand the importance of an absolutely valid (marriage) agreement. “So for example the philosopher Immanuel Kant through his categorical imperative and the designs is in perpetual peace” attention to the problems of subject promise: when not everyone fully really maintain its contracts intends sense of absurdity of contracts and stands on the possibility of the promise.

The reform opponents see therefore in any easing threatens the value of marriage. Pastoral is a low prior to find, but in clearly defined areas but also with them. On the other hand, first of all, reformers take the failure of people and offered merciful dealing with them in the eyes, without wanting to put the value of the marriage in question. Also they can rely on the Bible and the practice of the Church. So the Church itself for this reason in the course of history has formulated always exceptions and special arrangements, the remarriage speaks today hardly anyone to allow the original prohibition of divorce (!). The Western Church has been especially so-called marriage invalidity in the views. Here is if the first marriage may not even came and the marriage contract as null and void can be explained checked on the basis of contract law considerations.

Spiritual Practice

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Published on: April 30, 2015

Bernard Glassman: Bear witness. Buddhism as a committed life, edition steinrich 2012 Bernard Glassman, Zen master, and author, lives and teaches an extraordinary Buddhist practice. We are used to thinking about meditation seminars to retreat to places of silence and tranquility, involving external offers ideal conditions the participating to get inside to rest. Not that Bernard Glassman: he goes with his retreats deliberately places where misery was experienced or will, and he wants to transform his work. The retreats in Auschwitz-Birkenau are a major challenge for all involved, because none of us can deny the deep painful experiences that have happened, there.

Especially since many participating have a personal concern. But succeeds Glassman and others with his courage, his determination and his compassion, to look at the suffering, to recognize and transform. He reported how these retreats will expire and what experiences he and many participants have, in the book. It is very touching to read, such as the people in Auschwitz feel first pure terror and in the course of the retreat, healing happens. One evening, a Frenchman said that, what moved the hearts of many participants and participants. Michel Dubois had lost his relatives here.

The visit to this place was a sad and painful re-encounter with these people for him. But with the growing pains, which he felt was also his joy and love. He said he got the feeling of the souls who resided at this place, love go out. And this is indeed: love radiates from Auschwitz and Birkenau. This love has brought us together here. The differences that existed between us, no longer separated us. The initial silence and the feelings of fear and anger had turned into harmony, humor and a sense of deep appreciation of ourselves and all other attendees. We were a family become “, we read in the part about Auschwitz. The Strassenretreats are another part of his practice. This means that he is with a group of people for a certain period of time on the road goes, there lives, begs and stayed in homeless shelters. When he started to build apartments for the homeless and to provide them with work opportunities, he wanted to learn unity with the people on the street. To do so he had to have lived however, even on the road. How these retreats run, what it means to live, what the patient is experiencing and how they feel treated as outcasts, deliberately on the road of which Glassman writes very impressively. And we know how he founded the peacemaker order as the order of the peace philanthropy and what its goals are and how he and the participants put it. It is a book by someone who lives what he teaches, going deep and even with humor. Glassman can press down never from suffering, but he’s looking for ways, so it can heal and transform. There are unusual ways of practice that can work but also unusual healing. In addition, they are never out of touch, but always quite suitable for everyday use.

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