Henry George

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Published on: February 15, 2014

Then the money itself began to assume a privileged power, which now takes place in its fullness. I NSIST the economy is built up throughout history. Our current economy is not an invention, is the result of this process of social and historical construction. In this outcome is to be included on the Basic Income. What compels us to understand how changes occur. We want to know how it works, why not the last or philosophies that turn on themselves.

It is the knowledge of the economy so we can provide a solution to economic conflict of our society and better understand the funding model for Basic Income. F inalizada World War II went from a productive economy to another consumer. The Keynesian model was developed on the basis of need to create employment and in order to maintain continued economic growth. In this new phase of BOP Georgian happens to the economy of services, more and more. In short, the economic base is based on consumption. At the end of s. XX is unleashed in all its splendor the process of globalization.

The mechanisms applied to computer industry and services, both freight and as image, while a productive organization of money, are key to the financial economy, with respect to the productive economy, both the industrial and the consumer. In developed countries starts since then, to create wealth on a large scale with the stock market. Which makes the base of the pyramid of speaking Henry George, is the financial economy, where wealth comes ultimately economic growth.

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