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Published on: October 14, 2015

There is a persistent belief that to make a foundation for a wooden house can be an unskilled laborer and the special knowledge and experience in carrying out these works is not required. However, this opinion could lead to big problems in the future, and error correction can be very expensive. The most common mistake when the concrete is poured directly into the ground without taking into account its characteristics. Meanwhile, the use of sand bags to avoid use of seasonal heave forces and as a consequence – the deformation of foundation, it breaks and other troubles. We recommend you make concrete yourself, only if the place of construction can not drive up with concrete mixer prepared from the mortar site. Sold in the local market ingredients may be simply unsound.

Before pouring the concrete, carefully check the reliability of the formwork and its compliance with the project of the foundation. Sand cushion shall be thoroughly rammed, reinforcing cage should not come into contact with the formwork and the top of a sand cushion. For keeping the basement level of the horizon, the inner wall of the formwork can be secure restrictive rail. Be sure to fill space for vents (vents) to avoid dampness, mildew and odors. Concrete is ordered with a margin of 5-10% of the current, so both in its delivery to the mortar site to the place fills it undergoes utryaske. And do not forget to use hand-held vibrators – they are very effective and significantly improve the density of concrete.

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