Proper Care For Your Skin In The Winter

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Published on: March 22, 2016

Vaterchen Frost kept catchment in Germany and lowers the temperature. Here the most important tips for healthy and beautiful skin. This year, the freezing temperatures have taken up the time, but since this week it got with everyone: the cold season has returned. While out there rages the bitter cold, the heating in the flats at high speed run. Especially the hot air stretching the skin. These conditions mean high stress for the skin and it needs much attention. It is important to attack vegetable oils especially for dry and cracked skin creams with very much. Best in the autumn starting with skin care, because as it is protected in a timely manner.

Under a temperature of eight degrees Celsius, the sebaceous glands slow down their production and the protection function is omitted. The change from the cold in the warm is particularly burdensome for the largest organ of the body. The dryness of the skin increases sharply through the evaporation of water. This effect is also in strong winds noticeable. Creams, which form a breathable film is particularly advisable. Especially the face skin must be protected, because it is exposed to various weather conditions always. In extreme cold, there are even explicit Kaltecremes, which protect the skin intensively. One should not forget also the lips, because the lip skin is very delicate and dry out quickly in the winter.

You can treat chapped lips with lip balms and ointments to soften again they. Unfortunately under the extreme conditions of cold, even the hands demand not only the face skin extra care. The low temperatures the heat escape the hands and there are problems with the blood circulation. Therefore, always gloves should be worn during the winter. Also hand massages and creams reduce cracks and provide adequate care for the finger. Care products that intensely nourish the skin in winter, must be expensive. Thanks to numerous coupons and discounts by beauty online provider, the skin can be protected properly and the money bag will be not charged despite proper treatment. Thus the winter can last as long as he wants, the skin remains protected.

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