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Published on: August 2, 2015

So we are in the pressure washer business and you want to clean the local docks at the Marina. Good plan, let's give a little advice about this. First you have to sell the account. Explain to the marina manager or the master dock or municipal purchasing agent for its customers and / or citizens will be very impressed to see that this often neglected area much of the Marina and / or the spring is carefully and clean. It will do much more presentable. The customers will be happier, therefore more likely to maintain its mooring in storage there and be happy paying customers for a long time in the future. Explain to teachers dock or marina manager also can be a safety issue. The cleaner and less slippery their docks are the best and most certainly going to be their clients.

This is also a good selling point. This is an easier sell to government agencies since everyone wants to stay away from lawsuits. To the to areas that are constantly in the shadow, or dark areas built, be sure to remove excess water to prevent algae growth. If you are doing something in a building that is over water or something like this, be sure to remove as much water as possible. You may also want, in certain situations on the docks so warrants, use a stain to return to the spot of the docks to keep up to date as many of them get outdoors, and are constantly exposed to light sun and salt air and water hard.

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