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Published on: May 8, 2014

The OECD’s latest environmental report for Germany provides headlines, because he calls an industry-independent taxation of CO2 emissions. Munich/Greifenberg, June 14, 2012 that emissions are sustainability, energy transformation and reduction of CO2 near the top on the agenda of the EU, the German politics of but also the public discussion. A whatsoever as well as paying for CO2 emissions to stimulate innovation and investment in environmental projects and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even if the proposals for a payment system are today still not final, so evident, that companies across all industries must determine the CO2 emissions created in the business processes in any way and publish. And forced into the following step to reduce their emissions costs. So the latest environmental report of the OECD including an energy and CO2 tax demands, to this mechanism the EU ETS (European Union emission trading system – European) Emission rights trading system) to strengthen. This tax ETS should not be taken but also by the EU affected industries in the obligation of payment for CO2 emissions.

In addition to check the tax on diesel fuel, because diesel has a higher CO2 content and releases greater amounts of local air pollutants. Another approach promotes a toll for cars in Germany. It also asks to make the tax more CO2 emissions and therefore the direct consumption. A Division in consumption classes or the facilities of the federal roads with specific detection systems could capture all transports. No matter what final way the policy will take, seems safe to predict that Germany would like to in the future assume a pioneering role in the EU. Where other countries like France with the Grenelle laws already are a step ahead and with more than 400 employees require a capture of CO2 emissions, for example, of companies. Must be no augure, which To see paying by CO2 emissions in Germany ahead.

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