Many Waters

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Published on: December 3, 2013

I wanted to say that not But the spectacular sound that I heard, and bubbling of notes in my ear They said? ' ' Yes! ' ' ' ' It goes and never it says that you do not know, that you are not, that you will not be! ' ' I wanted to say: Not But in deep of its eyes vi love, Vi the light and wise person who would be thus I wanted to say: Not But the cataclysm that if it formed in my redor Pushed me for front, and the voice of the Sound of Many Waters Set on fire me the heart! Then I said: ' ' Yes! Here it is me aqui.' ' then I said: ' ' Here it is me, Here it is me always to Yours to make use! In the fields most distant, or close I will be, Speak of your love, I will speak well that You are light I will speak that you are Sir I hear the voice of many waters, Your voice, the voice of a King

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