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Published on: June 3, 2015

The anthem of Ascension Eve invites me to reflect on what he says Mother Teresa of Calcutta (my intimate aspiration), sometimes I get it and most do not; I have to apply me more. With the sequence Veni, Santec Spiritus entered into a new orbit of meditation, we are a renewed dream of illusion, and am sure that I’ve already surpassed the half hour of career. Hearing the Graduale Dirigatur I maniobro towards the port of Malaga and beg my essence a more sensitive attitude towards everything. I now turn to ruminate on the week ending, mulling the professional, personal, physical, emotional and spiritual (Antiphonae. Salve Regina). These days have not been easy nor difficult, they have depended on the ability of those around me and the skill of my spirit; I cry or they are eye secretions caused by the damp cold of the morning? lance at lance, with a great stride, but I boost with renewed confidence. This enthusiasm is growing as the weekly review is made more objective, helping all cuts Offertorium Ave Maria, Alleluia Tota Pulchra and the Hymnus Ave Maris Stella.

I warn the watch and it took 45 minutes. I try to memorize the criticism that I extract from the previous deliberation and I undertake an imaginary flight, marching and raising me in front of my own (I surrender to the murmur of the port), about the prolongation of the promenade, then by every Malaga, Groove imaginary heaven’s serene but supplicant manner, at the same time I plan the professional, physical, emotional and spiritual week coming: I have to call Jose, eat less at dinner, laugh, laugh, feel my family, with Sunday the appointment Sunday, listen better, finish the drafting of the expansion of the technical text on IFRS, search new job according to my future professional vision, Kyrie (Pater Cuncta), Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei generate me adequate musical frame and the first natural lights of the day I wrapped timidly. Hymnus angular Fundamemtum, Melody simple and full of sweetness, with its cadences (rolling very marked cheering to my tired legs) encourage me a climate of inner peace and happiness: it is worth to keep walking in this life. The 21 track Antiphonae situated at last and intimate rogativa attitude myself. I note the stopwatch and has spent a minute of the scheduled running time. I finished the meditation and physical exercise. Sometimes, when I sit down with force, I was inside in Domum Tuam or the beautiful Zachaee, pondering, for example, in the importance of reading and the small details. Manuel Velasco Carretero original author and source of the article

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