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Published on: November 15, 2015

It is the largest exhibition of the health care industry, which will take place in "Expocentre" from 6 to 10 December 2010. The company's stand BIT 1A40 located in the first pavilion. The event will teach you how to use automation to avoid the human factor, cost overruns and overstocking of materials warehouse. Often, the human factor can lead to serious and sometimes fatal mistake, especially when it comes to medicine. For example, improperly issued or prescription medication may be harmful to human health. When a customer record is manually, it can not be excluded cases of patients recording at the same time to the doctor. Automation will help to customer base and history of relationships with visitors, quickly burn patients given employment of personnel and equipment.

This event will be interesting to managing medical centers and clinics, the directors pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, the owners of beauty salons, as well as anyone interested in building effective models of business processes. At our stand you will learn: How to improve service quality and increase number of regular customers; How to keep track of patients and analysis of materials using the technology bar coding; How to efficiently control the remnants of products in stock and avoid peresortitsy; How keep a record of clients taking into account employment of staff and equipment; How to take into account the range of goods and quickly find the desired product; How to keep records of insurance policies. The company will provide ICE: The decision "BIT: Managing Medical Center 8", designed to automate the management and operational accounting activities of medical centers, specialized health care (dental and Ophthalmic Hospital), beauty salons, clinics and other healthcare industry organizations. The software product "BIT: Drugstore," which automates retail sales of medicines drugs. The system is designed as an integrated addition to the standard solution "1C: Retail 8." Modern equipment for medical institutions in technology-based bar-coding, which allows faster customer service, reduce staff time and avoid mistakes caused by human error. Looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

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