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Published on: July 1, 2013

Is not alternative to the Government (the current and the future) rather than maintain patience and moderation overhead bridges and open doors hoping that Lopez Obrador’s speech be tempered; failure to so would imply a historical irresponsibility because it would open the doors to an escalation in the confrontation and that no one suits you, said Salvador Garcia Soto, researcher at the Institute of legal research and Professor of the Faculty of law of the University national autonomous of Mexico (UNAM). The desire for transcendence of Lopez Obrador can be medium-term the guillotine that decapitate it against its followers fanatics who are trying to trigger hatred, fear and hysteria in a country where there is only a legitimate President: Felipe Calderon. Weigh to whom in spite of him. If AMLO insists on wanting to establish a Republic parallel and itinerant, as it is his desire, like that the President did in his time Juarez, Mexicans will give Lopez Obrador back is that this isn’t Juarez and Juarez is already part of the Mexican history. Fortunately, Mexico has economic stability and the monetary strength, an inheritance that leave the administration of President Vicente Fox. This is major support of the country with which it may face eventual storms or economic ups and downs.

Yet what can criticize Fox, this will go into history as the man who tamed the wild Colt of the PRI that drove the strings of power in Mexico for 71 years. Today, this political Institute occupies a third place at the national level and has seeks to conquer some redoubts as Chiapas where is still pending electoral failure to determine if he won the governorship Senator PRI Jose Antonio Aguilar Bodegas or Juan Sabines Guerrero of the PRD. Of the Zapatista Army of national liberation (EZLN), which rose in arms on January 1, 1994 already almost not remain their powders. His war was won only in the paper and unfolded that gave him the press coverage, but the interior of the country lost credibility because the sub commander Marcos disenchanted with his war of attrition without major results for the farmers who accompanied him in this adventure. Mexico is a country with too many edges in the political field and deep internal security problems. Drug trafficking has shaken part of the structures of that nation, and increasingly more organized crime bands move through the territory of Mexico without that security forces could dismantle them. The new head of State challenges are many: 1) pull out of poverty to 25 million Mexicans; 2) continue on the path of progress marked by the Government of Vicente Fox and 3) strengthen institutions to overcome any attempt to subvert democracy and stability in the country. By Jose Luis Castillejos Ambrocio Mexican journalist who writes Latin American issues such as drug trafficking, traffic of weapons, terrorism, guerrilla, social conflicts, indigenism, among others. He writes poetry for various magazines in the world.

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