Formation River

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Published on: November 7, 2013

The Formation River Clearly, constitutes one of importanes more cenozicos sedimentary registers of the So Paulo Peripheral Depression, showing litologias with aflorantes maximum thicknesses around of 30m. It is constituted by predominantly arenaceous sediments, with argillaceous intercalations, that occur in the region of the city of River Claro-SP, whose age has been located between Miocene and the Pleistocene. Although the formation is known and has been object of diverse litoestratigrficos studies, its paleobotnico content only was mentioned or registered photographically, but without many descriptive details of its floristica composition, saved in the area of Jaguarina (SP). The registered fossilferas occurrences in literature since the decade of 60, mention outcrops with vegetal remaining portions of botanical affinities not very established well with Nymphaeaceae and Potomogetonaceae, capsules of Musci, oognios of carfitas, pteridfitas and leves to it of not-identified angiospermas and thus, lacks of a study more detailed and deepened in the direction of better identification of all the organisms that lived in the region in the Negeno period. The outcrops of the Formation River Clearly, are spread by the city homnima as well as for neighboring cities. Recently, a new outcrop fitofossilferos, referring to fcies argillaceous of flooding plain was identified in the quarter Mountain range d' Water, next the road that binds to River the Ajap Clearly (22graus, 21' 13,74' ' of latitude S and 47graus, 35' 46,15' ' of longitude) where vestiges had been found that indicate the presence of a new occurrence of vegetal fsseis. The sprouting and identification of a new outcrop, allow a deeper analysis of the formation and assist in the understanding of the factors that had been gifts in its process of sedimentation. Word-key: Paleobotnica, Formation River Clearly, Quarter Mountain range d' Water, Negeno.

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