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Published on: May 5, 2015

Second Swiss practice test for project portfolio management tools on November 20, 2013 in Zurich / can do project management software offers efficient resource management can do on November 20, 2013 in Zurich at the 2nd Swiss-PPM tools practice test takes part. The focus of this year’s tests on the subject of resource management, which is a Supreme discipline tools for project portfolio management. On the basis of selected applications – from strategic capacity planning to service entry – resource management in PPM tools is illuminated systematically. Eight more tools for the practice test are presented in addition to the project management software can do. Efficient resource management the can do project management software provides a holistic resource management, which is already planning the portfolio and is able to take into account the dynamics and the uncertainties of a project’s progress in its capacity calculations. Can has developed a dynamic capacity the same way with the Waterodel the utilization of Resources across projects can capture. Waterodel applies when calculating load no rigid time frame, but analysed the respective tasks and activities in their interaction.

“At the same time, Waterodel can realistic planning values such as effort 30-35 days” or duration of the work package 23-26 days ‘ process. Depending on the degree of imprecision the software identifies a percentage probability of occurrence for the failure of planning as risk. In addition, the dynamic capacity the same procedure takes into account also confirmed working hours. All information are of course in real time, so live, available. Another feature of resource management can do is the integration of the line organization. With project management software can do Department Manager can plan the activities of their Department that applies to special tasks as well as for routine activities, basic loads or maintenance work. To simplify the coordination process between project and line in the resource management, has “Can do the staffer” developed: personal requests from the projects the Department head in the project management software can do appear along with the current load of each employee and his Department.

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