Corporate Social Responsibility

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Published on: August 18, 2013

Corporate Social responsibility has become popular in Mediformplus in a very special way. And it is the specialized advice in providing Pharmaceutical Marketing services to more than 450 offices of pharmacy throughout Spain has developed an ethics statement that mark its work philosophy and its differentiation in the market. This code of ethics is very important for Mediformplus since with him, we are confident that our mission in the pharmaceutical market will be reinforced, explains Luis de la Fuente, Managing Director of the brand. In fact all our workers assume the commitment to work with total honesty and enthusiasm for and for each client, adds. With this Declaration of intent that company becomes more transparent and closer to the pharmaceutical world. This is a short summary of the Mediformplus ethics.

Respect to Mediformplus u. Its mission is to selectively advising their clients to improve the strategic management of their pharmacies through optimal use of the business opportunities and a maximum profitability based on the knowledge of the company. u with respect to the services. His advice is based on diagnoses and analysis drawn from the pharmacy with which be scheduled strategic plans to develop, with the assistance of its consultants, in each pharmacy. In addition plans will always respect current legislation in the field of medicine and Pharmacy and the selectivity of its services to clients is set, except particular agreement, in 500 meters around the client pharmacy u with respect to the confidentiality of the information. The information extracted from each pharmacy is totally confidential, and may not be used for any other purpose outside the pharmacy. u with respect to other operators in the market. It may advise the hiring of services or products best suited to each pharmacy and not mediating any other interest in the recommendation of Mediformplus.

u with respect to vendors. Elect them in base to the suitability of its products or services, as well as its price, conditions of delivery and quality, not accepting not offering gifts or commissions in metallic or species that may alter the free competition. u with respect to the competition. It will compete fairly with other companies cooperating towards a free market based on mutual respect, refraining from attract customers from other competitors by unethical methods. ABOUT MEDIFORMPLUS is the company that more actively works with 450 of pharmacies most dynamic of Spain, advising on strategic aspects of their business (internal organization, marketing and sales, purchasing and stock management).All this to achieve differentiated pharmacies and prepare them to work effectively to a future of great changes. They are integrated by professionals with extensive experience in the sector, with extensive knowledge of management tools that the pharmacy today needs.

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