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Published on: January 28, 2016

The use of the fleet management is also very cheap. From 0.95 euros per month and device that can be use the new system. DMRZ typical, there is neither a contract nor a minimum sales here too. The contract can be terminated at any time. Costs fall, indicating only for planning as well as for the settlement, when these functions are actually used. There are no additional hidden costs in the DMRZ. Not only for sick rides the DMRZ fleet management can be used not only for the disposition of health trips.

With our fleet management system you can optimally plan each trip and gets a calendar with all relevant information to the driver, the vehicle, passenger and type of journey”, says Georg Mackenbrock, which does not mention is also the added benefit for taxi and car hire entrepreneur. So you could see at any time with the DMRZ system on a map, where the vehicles are. Too much mileage, unnecessary breaks and private trips are so immediately”. Also there is a built-in speakerphone and a smart through the use of the TomTom navigation devices Route planning. The latter takes into account the current traffic density, also known thanks to technology so that the rides faster lead to the goal.

In the Centre, only a computer with an Internet connection is required to take advantage of the Internet-based service of the DMRZ. But additional charges apply for the use of the TomTom devices. Who want to inform themselves precisely controlled the brand new fleet of DMRZ, find all info and prices around the product on the Internet pages of the DMRZ under. About the DMRZ: The German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ) provides an Internet platform other providers of health care electronic billing (DTA) with health insurance available. Who settles it, needs no software and enters any obligations: there are minimum volume nor temporal binding to the DMRZ. The highlight is the great cost savings. Who sends its bills, for example, still on by mail at a cost object, up to 5% of its revenues are deducted the. At about the DMRZ, only 0.5% imposed settlement. The DMRZ is the currently the most innovative billing Center, which the Initiative Mittelstand under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technologieausgezeichnet at the CeBIT 2009 was awarded the Innovation Prize.

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